“This book will reveal the next biggest secret after The Hapsburg Naping Fold”

“The secret society of the gnomes: The Great Invasion”

This is the first ever physical Smart-Book (a physical book that connects to the internet). It describes the hidden secrets You have never even imagined to grasp. It's an educational absurdity about Gnomes taking over the world. Filled with lore and backstory, this hand-held book is big enough to fend off a fully grown moose!

“Any reader can pick the book up at any given time and get a new experience, discovering something no one else had come across yet.”

“This game is the next biggest thing after penicillin”

Gnome Invasion Card-Game

Great Invasion, an exhilarating card game for fun-seeking players. Battles between humans and the gnomes is a start of an invasion! Gaming-Cards are hand-held, printed and have real value! The number of cards will not be determined as new upgrades will release over the course of time. Card-Game is still in development but will see the light of day in 2019.

“This game allows humans and gnomes to battle against each other. The outcome determines the faith of the world!”

Lawrence Lyle



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